Stop wasting time!

List your property in the MLS for a listing fee as low as $149. Time is not on your side property values are correcting daily. You need to sell now! Use Home Options Realty Inc. to get that property on the MLS. Then you decide what to pay an agent who brings you a buyer 1% to 6% (you can offer nothing if a buyer contacts you from the MLS directly there is no agent to pay). Also if you find a buyer, you don't pay any commission! (Do the math of 6% of the value of your home versus our flat fee.)

Home Options Realty Inc. places you in the MLS & systems. Your listing will also appear on  thousands of other websites that display MLS listings, including,,,, and more.

Your property will be listed in the MLS that all Realtors use. You need National exposure! You only pay commission to the agent that brings you a buyer when you close.       

Why use our Flat Fee Listing Service?


Have your home listed in the  multiple listing service (MLS) & REALTOR.COM for a one-time low Flat Fee; NO HIDDEN FEES!

"For-Sale-by-Owners" gets  your home listed in the multiple listing service (MLS) & Pay NO LISTING COMMISSION! 

$ave thousands of dollars in real estate commissions by only paying the real estate agent who brings you a buyer. Home Options Realty Inc. only gets paid a small flat fee, and does not receive a commission. Only the real estate agent that brings you a buyer gets a commission and it is how much you decide to offer. The commission is determined by YOU! And you can increase or decrease it anytime. 

If you sell your home without a buyer's agent involved, there is no commission. Without that commission to pay you can afford to be flexible with your price when negotiating.

The Fact is the listing agent rarely brings the buyer! 

Few real estate agents will admit this to sellers. The truth is the typical sale has two real estate agents, the listing and the selling agent.  The listing agent does very little after the property is placed on the MLS.

You need to attract the brokers and agents that have buyers. The best way to do that is to advertise on the MlS. In today's market, with so much inventory, you have to stand out. The best way to do that is to agree to pay a high commission just to the agent who brings a buyer. NOT for someone to place the property on the MLS.

It's in your best interest to get involved! Take a hands on approach and market your property in every way possible. Home Options will help with a special marketing effort. 

Being listed on MLS gets you the maximum exposure and is the overwhelming key to sales success.  There is no need to pay a listing broker 3% or more to get your property on the MLS - only pay a reasonable flat fee to Home Options Realty Inc. to list it. Commission is paid only to the broker who brings you a successful sale!